Love is Enough

Love is Enough - Cindy Rizzo Is it fate or a lucky coincidence that I read this right after [b:Madam President|1038936|Madam President|Blayne Cooper||1025297] ? All the political fireworks I was expecting but were non-existent in the former is right here, in all its glorious colors. And all the while, I'd merely expected this to be just another fluffy romance, from the title and the cover. Well, I'm very pleasantly surprised.

The romance between the leads is of the love-at-first-sight variety. Friends and family applaud and approve, so most of the first half is pretty smooth sailing. But old money and liberal politics are bound to clash sometime. And of course, it happens at the worst possible time--in the thick of a re-election campaign. This part is where the book really shines. Mudslinging and dirty tricks abound. And our ladies are faced with an impossible choice--give up or break up.

This is a lesfic romance and a feel good read, so of course, the two ladies will make the right choices, and, be richly rewarded for it . The ending is a little too sappy but what the heck, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

4.4 stars