Mistress of Peacock Walk

Mistress of Peacock Walk - Kate Sweeney Rose Culhane has lived in America most of her 40+ years yet she is still inexorably drawn to her old ancestral home in Ireland called Peacock Walk where her recently widowed cousin and best friend Kathleen and her two children live. Tragedy strikes the family a second time as Kathleen dies of a suspicious car accident, occurring almost to the day of her husband's death anniversary. A horrified Rose rushes over to Ireland for the funeral and to settle her cousin's affairs. Two almost identical deaths in a row sound just too coincidental. And the strange presence of the alluring but mysterious Meghan, who seems to know much more than she is saying, fuels Rose's suspicions even more.

Despite the sinister premise of the book, it is anything but. Oh, there is some hanky-panky alright. And the occasional creepy character or two. But the tone of the book is mostly upbeat rather than somber, even, of all places, during the funeral. :) The romance is express lust-at-first-sight. Was there even a date? lol Fans of Kate Sweeney's Winds of Heaven will like this, as the kid character is adorably cute and not annoyingly adult. Overall, the book engendered more chuckles and laughs from me, more than any other feeling. It's not a fail. That is the author's intent. Verdict: A light and easy read perfect for a slow afternoon.

If you were initially attracted by this book's fantasy premise of inheriting a mansion on the other side of the world, you'll want to read this enchanting novella by planetsolin entitled Taking a Chance--Online Version,Ebook Version Let me see if I remember the premise: An aspiring writer works at a dead-end newspaper job writing obituaries. One day she finds out she's inherited a castle in Scotland. But thats just the first surprise. She discovers she has a half-sister, who also has her sights on the castle, but has instead of inheriting it, only got executor rights to the estate. Unfortunately, she can't keep her thoughts off said half-sister. Fascinating, right? And of course, it is FREE. P.S. Ignore the opening sequence (and some M/F scenes) as it is just a 'story within a story' device.