Lawyered - K'Anne Meinel Do not judge a book by its cover. Nowhere is that adage more true than in this book. The cover suggests a sexy, sophisticated romance between lawyers. What we get is a rambling tale of self-discovery, unromantic missteps, some mundane and some 'explosive' legal cases, an unlikely attraction, some mystery/suspense amid the romance, and adventures in domesticity.

Nia is a high-powered Manhattan attorney who just made partner in her 'super prestigious' law firm. But her partnership has strings attached--she must spruce up her appearance and upgrade her apartment(!). So we spend about 4 or 5 chapters going through her makeover, including an extended search for the perfect apartment, lol. But her social and sex life is zilch. So she goes through a process of self-discovery that, lets just say, I'd rather not read about in such detail. But this goes on for several more chapters. At this point, I was assuming that Nia had found her 'only one' because of the repeated mutual professions of love--BUT--it was so unsexy I kept thinking this mustn't be it? Not to mention that it is totally inappropriate.

The second half of the book fared better because I actually had something to root for. The romance starts up too abruptly though. There is some hint of this pairing in the first half of the book, but the character disappears completely from the narrative for so many chapters that I had practically eliminated her from the candidates. And yet Nia ends up with her, even though a few chapters back, she was professing her love for someone else. After they get together, things finally start to pick up as a real story gets going. The romance then proceeds at a more natural pace. We are treated to some drama and suspense so the book becomes a fairly interesting page turner instead of a sleeping aid.

I don't normally pay too much attention to writing flaws when I get caught up in an absorbing plot. But the first half was so slow-going that my brain kept noticing the overuse of superlatives (esp. anything related to Nia, e.g. incredible, amazing, etc.), way too much telling rather than showing, crazy head-hopping, never-ending run-on sentences, wrong word usages, even a new word (dishambles--i had to google that :)), and, this takes the cake--using 'council' to refer to a lawyer.

The erotic scenes are hit and miss. I admire the author's choice to be realistic but sometimes it just ended up being too clinical. At other times, it's just TMI. There are some good scenes though.

The legal cases aren't very interesting. The only one that intrigued me ended with an explosion but was never explained or even investigated. What gives???

Was there anything I liked about the book? Yes. The author had Nia down pat. Her portrayal was consistent and believable. I like her unapologetic, in-your-face nature. She accepts that she's no saint because well, she's a lawyer. :D She knows her limitations--hence the lengths she goes to keep her personal life off the company radar. But she knows when to fight back. And how to talk and manipulate her way out of some really sticky situations. The corporate dealings are some of the better scenes in the book. Actually, the last few chapters are the best, as Nia really shines when she takes charge. I also like her interactions with Stewart, the senior partner. And then of course, there is her relationship with Colleen. The contrast in their personas (mousy vs. Type-A) was interesting. But I felt the romance needed to simmer more before boiling over--it just started too abruptly. I did like the changing dynamics of their relationship as time passed. I also liked how the author showed how love and respect from others can dramatically change one's personality.

2.5 stars for the first half, 4.0 for the 2nd half = 3.25 stars overall

P.S. This book reminded me of a romantic fanfic about lawyers--one of my favorites. Its a sweet, slow-burn romance with some angst toward the end. Best of all, its FREE. It comes in 3 parts: 1. Undeniable
2. Considerable Appeal
3. Intuition