Angelique - D.J. Belt Freebie usually means cheesy but this series is surprisingly good. Set in the Latin Quarter of Paris, it revolves around the life, loves and adventures of an ex-assassin ironically named Angel. The settings felt authentic, the action realistic and the characterizations are surprisingly nuanced, including all the colorful supporting characters.

The main character is French/Israeli, and though she speaks English, her grasp of American idioms is sketchy at best, leading to some lol interactions with her American girl-next-door girlfriend. Angelique is an old soul. She's been everywhere, seen and done everything assassins typically do. Laurie, on the other hand, is all innocence and idealism. Something about Laurie calls to Angelique. And though she won't take the assassination contract for Laurie, Angelique knows someone else will.

The first novella reads a bit more like fanfic. But it gets better. There is a lot of humor (some laugh out loud lines, some dark) in the novellas, especially in the third one--the 'meeting the in-laws' one. Each novella gets better and better, culminating in the 4th one which is the best, in terms of the action, drama, and best of all, the delicious sexual tension. I loved the very last scene, so bittersweet.

Read it before the publishers snap it up and yank it off. :)

I have not read the 5th to the 7th books yet.

4.5 stars