Surviving Reagan

Surviving Reagan - Isabella This is the sequel to [b:Executive Disclosure|17155680|Executive Disclosure|Isabella||42008916]. Be sure to read that first before diving into this. Even though there are mentions via flashbacks, the nuances and dynamics of their 'interesting' relationship, which are thoroughly explored in the first book, is not as much in evidence here. And therein lies the rub. This book is better than the first in almost every way--more logical, more realistic, a real mystery, more thrilling plot, well-rounded characters, yet it is missing some of the sexual tension--the sparks, the constantly duelling egos and one-upmanship--that made the first book so much fun to read. Chad and Reagan are not on equal footing in this book, despite the title.

Fortunately, the mystery/intrigue part of the plot kept us turning pages. I suspect though, there may be a third book. And one of the supporting characters may even get one of her own. :)

You may also want to check out the author's other intrigue series [b:American Yakuza|13921534|American Yakuza|Isabella||41995917], still one of my all-time faves.