Partners-Book One

Partners-Book One - Melissa Good Jess, a maverick agent of a special forces group defending what remains of America after a nuclear winter, would rather work solo after a terrible betrayal by her partner of many years. But Interforce, the organization she works for, insists on foisting a lab-grown techie on her. These are genetically engineered "humans" called bio-alts (bio-alternatives) especially grown for specific functions from piloting aircraft to sweeping floors, equipped with as much or as little brainpower as required for their assigned role.

The head of Interforce suspects the organization still has a mole and requests that Jess be partnered anew with an experimental 'learning' bio-alt (think Terminator, but cuter) to suss out that mole. Jess vehemently objects at first, but eventually the bio-alt wins her over, not, as you might expect, with her cuteness, but with all her other talents. :) Of course, this being lesfic, the cuteness wasn't wasted either.

The first half of the book is quite the page-turner, as the book sets up the post-nuclear setting using Jess' past experiences. There is politicking, killings, attempted assassinations and whatnot. However, once Jess and Dev (the name of her bio-alt partner) are sent down to earth on a mission, things simmer down quite a bit. The alone-time is a perfect setup for the budding attraction. The author takes her time with this, as it should be. People who like their sci-fi detailed and their romances slow-burning will appreciate the pace at this point. I was mostly bored. I was expecting the author to explore the issue of 'slavery' of bio-alts more but it was just mentioned mostly in passing, as observations by Dev, who, despite being a bio-alt herself, doesn't seem to find anything wrong with the whole system. And neither does Jess. I'd like to think it's not because they didn't care but because they're just too busy exploring their surroundings (and each other, lol). Hopefully, this will be dealt with more in-depth in Book 2.

If you like your sci-fi more fast-paced and action oriented, I highly recommend instead [b:The Girls From Alcyone|13120464|The Girls From Alcyone (The Girls from Alcyone #1)|Cary Caffrey||18295574]--Lots of action set pieces plus a sweet romance.