Coming Home

Coming Home - Lois Cloarec Hart Terry, mail carrier by day, aspiring writer by night, is asked to help out a paraplegic ex-pilot Rob in a domestic accident. She is immediately taken by Rob's incredible joie de vivre, which carries over easily to his loving and devoted wife and caregiver, Jan. Terry is intrigued with the fascinating couple, and she strikes up a friendship with Jan when they meet again in a park.

Rob welcomes Terry into their lives. He knows Jan needs a friend, and needs to get out more from caring for him almost 24/7 for the past 15 years. Their friendship grows strong and everyone, even Terry, thinks it is completely platonic. But...Terry's friends who know her well...know better.

As love triangles go, this is one of the most well-done I've read. No one here is a made out to be the bad guy/gal. All three of our protagonists are equally heroic, upright, yet totally human in their actions and reactions. The author takes her time to let things play out, which is as it should be. It is never boring as the journey is peppered with a lot of believable, well-rounded characters (family, friends) who are more than just props/soundboards/story-telling devices. The author's first hand experience with caring for someone with MS also played a big part in making the disease feel real--there is no sugarcoating here. Yet the author, like Rob, focuses on the positive aspects of living with a disability, and the book never descends to despair. All the angst conjured up by the book has to do with the three protagonists' impossible choices--and how their choices are tearing them apart, inside and out.