Rymellan 2: Shattered Lives

Rymellan 2: Shattered Lives - Sarah Ettritch So it's crunch time now. Lesley and Mo reach the age when they have to be paired off. But, OMG! The council throws a big gigantic monkey wrench into Lesley and Mo's relationship. Well that was unexpected! :0

In the second book, more is revealed about the inner workings of Rymellan society, spotlighting on what they refer to as 'capital violations'.

My initial impression (from Book 1) of the government that rules Rymel is that of an Orwellian big brother with eyes and ears everywhere and hands dipped in everything, even the private lives of its citizens.
With a morbid, cringe-worthy motto like 'Disobedience means Death. Death to those who commit a chosen violation. Death to those who violate the way!' which citizens have to recite by rote almost like a fervent prayer, it is easy to assume that theirs is a pretty bleak world.

But the citizens don't seem to think so. With the exception of a tiny few, Rymellans are apparently a happy, contented bunch. Their belief in 'The Way' is like a religion. Their blind trust in the 'all-knowing' Council is well, creepy. Even the erring ones--once they are 'shown' the error of their ways by the ever present counsellors, they finally 'see the light'. Even our protagonists spend all their time and effort upholding 'The Way' or trying to. I'm not saying they shouldn't. I guess the author chose to run with the love story and its complications, rather than explore other possibly more daring and hence more exciting plot developments such as what would happen if the protagonists chose to defy the council...and elope! I was a little disappointed they never even thought of doing it! Granted, Les and Mo are both military. But still, I expected more spunk--at least from Mo. Lesley was just too hopelessly dyed-in-the-wool establishment to be capable of such thoughts. :)

Despite my rants, Book 2 is just as interesting as the first. Not as angsty, but it does win major points for originality. 4.5 stars