Starting From Scratch

Starting From Scratch - Georgia Beers Avery is a 30-something graphics artist and lifelong introvert. Her hobbies include baking, hiking with the dog and sneaking off to the bank for a peek at her crush. She gets roped into a tee-ball coaching stint and online dating by her pushy best friend, neither of which is something she looks forward to. But life can be full of surprises...

This is a light and easy read. The characters are likable and I got to care about them. I especially like the grandmother, as she reminds me so much of my own. But, there are a few things that didn't quite work for me.

Even with the first person POV, I never felt Avery's introversion until it was specifically mentioned in the book. Also, for a good while, the ladies don't interact beyond stolen glances and winks, resulting in a rather lengthy dry and boring stretch. Avery is solid and dependable, but not very interesting. On the other hand, Elena's a goddess. Whatever did she see in Avery? I didn't get it. The POV chosen by the author severely limits the development of Elena's character. There was some angst towards the end. But it felt a bit too little, too late, perhaps because of the rushed ending.

Overall, it's a 4-star-something book. If this were a song, I'd classify it as 'easy listening'. Pick it up if you want a nice, relaxing read at the end of a hard day.