Weeping Walls

Weeping Walls - Gerri Hill Excellent follow-up to [b:Keepers of the Cave|13236357|Keepers of the Cave|Gerri Hill|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1371322461s/13236357.jpg|18433882]. Now this is my kind of paranormal book. The best way to enjoy the book--to be truly immersive--is to read it alone in the dark. I can almost guarantee at some point, you'll want to turn on all the lights. :)

The book centers around a small unit of the FBI that deals specifically with cases of child kidnappings and killings. Despite the morbid subject matter, the book has a lot of heart and humor. I enjoyed the playful banter between the members. There was some brilliant dark humor. And who can forget the socialite mom and her perfect timing. But most of all, I enjoyed the time the author took to develop the leading ladies' tentative and uncertain relationship.

Mysteries like these are best read without reading too many reviews. The less you know, the better the thrills work. But I can't shut up about it yet, so the rest of the review goes inside a spoiler tag, even though it's only mildly spoilerish :)

Unlike 'Keepers' which is a little on the weird side and has some 'icky' moments, this is more of a traditional ghost story. The author incorporates many familiar elements--haunted house, friendly ghosts, evil beings, possession, voodoo, witchcraft, animal sacrifices, crazed ax-wielding killer, etc., etc.. heck...almost every horror trope is thrown in. :) Despite that, the book never devolves into a mindless horror movie, I mean, book.

The author manages to combine all the elements (mystery, thriller, horror, romance) into a nice and neat package. The mystery itself is sufficiently complex as to not be obvious but not too complicated to follow. The pacing is great. And you get a bonus surprise ending that is also quite the horror trope. :)