The Left Hand of Justice

The Left Hand of Justice - Jess Faraday Gripping historical mystery/thriller with elements of steampunk and paranormal. Set in 19th century Paris, the book follows the adventures of supernatural investigator Elise Corbeau, as she trawls the underbelly of the French city in search of 'demons'. The author managed to drag me back in time and entertain me with a fairly convoluted plot that was just a little bit out there. Less effective (for me) were the steampunk bits involving bionic body parts but I appreciated the author's efforts to make them work in that era. What exactly does the bionic eye look like anyway? hehe :) The image of Dennis Hopper in Waterworld and Arnold's Terminator kept popping into my mind and then its hard for me to imagine what Elise sees in Maria. :)

My romantic side is also complaining of the amount of time our leads were kept apart by the plot. Sequel, perhaps? :) P.S. The cover is gorgeous!