All the little Moments

All the little Moments - G. Benson Lovely and emotional read about life, loss, love and acceptance. Lots of awesome characters. Though one of the leads was a tad too perfect. And things got a little too sappy at times, but it's well-balanced with some antsy as well as some angsty moments. Lesfic lovers will swoon over the well-developed romance, but the best parts, imho, are those that deal with the family relationships (Ella/Toby and Anna, Anna and her parents) and how everyone in the book dealt with loss so differently, in their own way--some better, some worse and some not at all. Overall, a warm, feel good read anyone can fall in love with. I thought Anna's short-lived break-up with Lane was completely understandable, given her emotional state at the time. Her guilt added to Cathy's insinuations would have drove her right to it. Although perhaps in real life, I imagine Anna would have insisted on a cooling-off and wait-and-see period rather than an actual break-up.

4.6 stars