The Temple at Landfall

The Temple at Landfall - Jane Fletcher This is a review for the entire series. Possible mild spoilers ahead, mainly because I feel the book blurb is too bland and generic to generate any excitement, much less interest in the entire series. I admit I've known about this series for years, but haven't gotten the urge to start it until my GR friends did and loved it.

This series laid down an astounding premise--possibly the most original in lesfic. A pre-industrial all-women society has found a way to procreate with the help of psychically gifted individuals. Control of these individuals means the priestess class has the rest of the population at their beck and call. Militia, rangers and especially temple guards all serve them in some protective capacity or another. Other classes mentioned in the book include farmers, merchant classes, and other specialized trades, even bandits and heretics--but all society revolves around the procreation process called 'Imprinting' and the divination and worship of the 'Goddess' who created it. What makes this series stand out from other alternate universe/dystopian works though, is the origin story. That, of course, is for the reader to discover.

The first two books seamlessly cross over so many genres--fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, adventure, character study and romance--its impossible to slot it into any particular one. It starts off as a simple though exciting fantasy adventure, as we get to know more about the inner workings of this society through the eyes of the protagonists. There are hints and undercurrents of deeper issues but nothing full-on till book 2, so don't give up too soon. The third to fifth books are all prequels featuring minor characters from Books 1-2. A bit disappointing in terms of story progression, but all are nevertheless very well-written lesfic adventure/romances. I've only been gushing about the plot so far, but the author writes very good lesfic romance in every single book--the kind we pay good money for. So you can pick up any of the Books 3 to 5 independently of the series and still get your money's worth. But, I can understand Frank's disappointment. They could very well have been classics.

As things stand now, there is no closure, no true ending. The author has set up one of the most amazing stories ever--we get the big reveal--but we don't get to see what happens next. Its been seven years since the publication of Book 5. Will there be a book 6 ?