Special Delivery

Special Delivery - J.A. Armstrong For me, the label 'Kindle Unlimited' screams 'amateurish, unedited crap'. That is not true for all books of course, but the junk to jem ratio is so high it just seems too much work to wade through the pile and even more work trying to distinguish fake/paid reviews from genuine ones. For some reason, KU books tend to have very few or very short Goodreads reviews.

But this book has been sitting at the top of the huge pile for a while, and with a gorgeous cover like that and at only $2 a pop, who can resist? It is cheaper than a frap and much less fattening and if it can give me a couple of hours of entertainment and not make me throw up, why not? Besides, I want to try out this new author. Also, there aren't many blue collar/white collar romances in lesfic so that too appeals.

Single mom to twins Tess works for a freight company. She has a crush on a good-looking obstetrician Brooke who works at a maternity clinic she frequently drops off packages at. But Tess knows her place. She delivers packages while the good doctor delivers babies. Thats a huge pay grade gap in any book. Not to mention the excess baggage she lugs around--energetic 8-yr old twins. So she is content to just admire from a distance and savor the few and always too brief moments when the doctor personally receives her packages. This is a romance so, of course, fate throws them repeatedly in each other's way, often literally.

Everything about the book screams CUTE. Cute cover. Cute leads. Cute kids. Even their private thoughts and their dancing around each other are cute. So this is a very enjoyable read if you like cute. And I enjoyed it--a lot. It does get to be a little annoying towards the end, and I wanted to scream 'Will you two stop that already' at their cutesy negative thoughts. Even though this is a fairy tale romance, it is well-grounded. The portrayals, especially of the kids, are realistic, the leads are very likeable, the situations are not over-the-top, and the relationships with parents are well-done. Some laugh-out-loud moments pepper the book. And the all-important development of the romance is sweet and unrushed.

Highly recommended for all fluffy romance lovers and for others who like a relaxing, no-stress, minimal-angst read. But also because its cheap (or free if you're KU) and you won't want to kill me too much if you didn't like it. ;)

4.4 stars (good value for money)

p.s. I was afraid the story would be unfinished, as some KU authors split up their works to make more money. There may be more to follow, but the story arc here is complete.