The Lady and Her Assassin

The Lady and Her Assassin - Angelique Voisen A $0.99 cent snack. It's a 26 page (accdg to Amazon) short story. The covers, TOC, acknowledgments, copyright notices and lengthy advertisements cover about a 4th of the book! How much story can still be squeezed into the remaining pages is amazing. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave enough room for romance. So its the 'love/sex/let's elope-at-first-sight' variety. The erotica doesn't disappoint either, so, this might be something to consider if you're bored, in-between reads or just isn't ready to start up another novel-length read ;) (or also, in my case, want to up the number of books read fast, hehe)

3.75 ('cuz its just way too short.)

P.S. For once, we actually get a cover that's a reasonable approximation of the lead characters.