Bunny Finds a Friend

Bunny Finds a Friend - Hazel Yeats 'Bunny Finds a Friend' is primarily a coming-of-age story of a gentle, funny and somewhat quirky thirty-something(!) woman. Flitting from job to job and girlfriend to girlfriend, Cara thinks of herself as an adventurous, restless, free-spirit. Her sisters think she just can't commit to anything long-term. But a chance encounter with a complete stranger in a department store at Christmastime sets Cara's heart in a tizzy. When she finally tracks down her mystery crush, she turns out to be a popular author of children's books, Jude Donovan. Sparks fly fast and the rest is history. But history may be short-lived as Cara deems herself unworthy of the more accomplished Jude. Can she handle the usual and inevitable relationship challenges, like their unequal station in life, and Jude's excess baggage?

There is so much to love about this book. The beautiful Amsterdam settings, the charming rom-com atmosphere, a lively gaggle of nosy, judgmental but ultimately loving and supportive 'sisters', a sweet and adorable pairing, and enough drama to liven up pages. From start to end, this is Cara's story. The romance is not the central theme of the book (Cara's long-delayed journey to adulthood is) but it did get real quality time, and features some of the most romantic moments I've read in quite a while. People who come into the book expecting it to be all about Cara and Jude (as romances go) will be a bit disappointed as they also spend quite a bit of time apart. In between, we have Cara and the meddlesome sisters. They're occasionally overbearing, but the smart dialogue, witty quips and cheeky back and forths that characterize their exchanges save them from being just caricatures. Plus, they serve as an excellent narrative device to fully explore Cara's dealing with love, life and growing up.

4.75 stars

ARC from Netgalley and Ylva.

P.S. Throughout the book I kept picturing Cate Blanchett as Jude and Roonie Mara as Cara. I wonder why? :)