No Good Reason

No Good Reason - Cari Hunter Cari Hunter takes a slight departure from the usual raining of mayhem on the main character to well...mayhem on the supporting character. 8) This book has more police/medical procedural elements than her previous books, which is a interesting change of pace.

The main characters, a cop and an ER doctor, are a wonderful mix of strength and vulnerability. They are a refreshingly unusual non-couple. BFF with benefits since their teens, both have tenaciously overcome abusive or less than ideal childhoods to have successful careers, but neither have managed to overcome their fear of being together. Throughout the book, their humour-filled banter and endearing relationship provide an excellent counterpoint to the violent scenes in the book.

The author paints a startlingly vivid picture of the Peak District both as a breathtaking expanse of nature and as a dangerous, unforgiving place of desolation and death, as if it were a character in the book, which it basically is, as one is practically at its mercy when stuck out there.

There's plenty of local color in the dialogue--with some really colorful samples! Major and minor characters, good guys, bad guys, and those pretending to be either, all get well-rounded treatment. But most important of all the plot--it twists and turns and just when you think--this must be it--it takes off in a different direction.

It sounds perfect. Well, almost. I have some little nitpicks, as usual. Like the bit about Meg being scatterbrained and mistaking gravy for curry. Endearing, perhaps, but after what she did in the ER scenes, how she was so in command of it all, it's hard to imagine her as anything but supremely organized. She'd better be or she might end up leaving scissors and whatnot in her patients. :) Another issue: the morning after, and basically their whole relationship. They never talk about it. . I'm guessing this will come up again in the next book so...I can be patient. :) Issue 3: the resolution: Who confesses these days? And in front of their lawyer? Never gonna happen. Denial to death unless there is a deal in the works. ;) . And one last very minor (or major?) thing: because of the way the mystery is structured, we never get to know any of the victims in depth. In fact, we spend most of the book not even knowing who they are. We empathize with them, yes, but only to the extent that the lead characters empathize with them. And this is the main difference between this book and the author's earlier works--the lead characters are never really in deep, desperate danger, or fighting tooth and nail for their lives (and still have time to fall in love, lol). And they already love each other to pieces. Hence, I didn't get the kind of heart-thumping, palm-sweating, pant-wetting (ok, maybe not that, lol) adrenaline rush or whatever its called that a reader gets when they find themselves in the mind of the character in mortal danger or just falling in love for the first time. (hint hint) :)

4.75 stars